Professor Terry Spithill  
Department of Animal, Plant and Soil Sciences, La Trobe University 

terryProfessor Terry Spithill has held senior academic research positions at several Universities in Australia and Canada. At La TrobeUniversity, his research team is using molecular approaches to develop new vaccines to control liver fluke parasites in cattle and sheep. Liver fluke causes significant economic losses (>$90M/year) to Australian livestock producers but drug resistance threatens fluke control. The parasite is highly prevalent in dairy cattle in Victoria. He leads the team defining the prevalence and distribution of drug resistant flukes in dairy cattle herds in order to develop new practical ecological methods for fluke control.

Professor Grant Rawlin dr-grant-rawlin-profile
Research Leader, Veterinary Pathobiology, Biosciences Research Division, Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources

Dr Travis Beddoe
Department of Animal, Plant and Soil Sciences, La Trobe University 

Dr Vignesh Rathinasamy 
Research Fellow 

Dr Vignesh Rathinasamy is a post-dimg_5335octoral research fellow with 9 years of research experience in the field of Veterinary Immunology and Veterinary Parasitology. Vignesh completed his PhD in Agricultural Sciences at La Trobe University in 2017. Vignesh’s PhD work focused on development of a recombinant vaccine for liver fluke in cattle. His current work focuses on development and evaluation of molecular tools for identification of infective liver fluke cysts and snails in Victorian dairy farms. Vignesh works closely with honours students to help develop the molecular tools for liver fluke cyst and snail identification.

Jane Kelley 
PhD Candidate 

JJane Kelleyane Kelley hails from Gippsland and her PhD focuses on ‘The epidemiology and management of liver fluke parasites in cows in irrigated dairy regions of Victoria’. Since 2013 Jane has been quantifying the prevalence of liver fluke and drug resistance on dairy farms in Victoria and now wants to optimise liver fluke control strategies. Jane hopes her research will increase the productivity and profitability of the dairy industry.

Michaela Knowles 
Honours student 2017

Lily Tran 
Honours student 2016/2017

Past Researchers

In 2016, Chris Hosking, a postdoctoral fellow, and honours student’s Jaclyn Swan and Genevieve Williamson developed the novel liver fluke diagnostic tools. We would like to thank them for their substantial contribution to the project and wish them the best successes in their new careers.


Since 2013 we have had many volunteers assist us on the research project. We would like to thank Rebecca Black, Clare Condos, Jesse Kruse, Laura Girolamo, Mary Fletcher, Lincoln Ferrie, and Lakeisha Jong for their hard work.