Listen to researchers

Einstein A Go-Go with Dr Shane, & Colleagues.
Triple RRR, October 2016
Listen to Jane Kelley discuss some of her PhD research and the scope of the Gardiner and Dairy Australia funded project.

Liver Fluke in Victorian Dairy Farms
La Trobe University Podcast interviews, May 2014
Listen to Jane Kelley discuss the Science and Innovation Awards for Young People in Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry, the liver fluke life cycle, diagnostics and associated production loss.

Hidden cost of liver fluke 
Vic Country Hour with Libby Price,  March 2014
Listen to Jane Kelley discussing drug resistance and treatment options.

Researchers in the press

Finding new strategies to tackle liver fluke
Country News, April 2018

Liver fluke season is here – and it’s a growing problem for beef farmers.
Virbac, March 2018

Liver fluke research bid to save millions of dollars for farmers 
The Devondaler, July 2016 

Aiming to break the cycle
Country News, January 2016

Healthier stock for dairy farmers
Science Meets Business, April 2015

Keeping on top of liver fluke
Macalister Demonstration Farm Newsletter April 2015 

Two new liver fluke tests developed for use on Vic dairy and beef farms
The Weekly Times, March 2015 

La Trobe University research assistant Jane Kelley to put liver fluke under microscope on Victorian dairy farms
The Weekly Times, March 2014 

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