Utilising new tools to improve liver fluke control on Victorian dairy farms.

Jane Kelley, PhD Candidate

This website is dedicated to liver fluke control on Victorian dairy farms. Our team of researchers are based at the Centre for AgriBioscience, La Trobe University, and the work is co-funded by the Gardiner Foundation and Dairy Australia, with additional contributions from Agriculture Victoria and La Trobe University.

The team has been working on liver fluke control on dairy farms since 2013. Initially the research was focused solely on the Macalister Irrigation District; however, the research was expanded in 2014 and 2016 to include the Murray Dairy Regions of Victoria, including the Upper Murray. This research has only been possible due to the involvement of government and private veterinarians who have recruited dairy farmers and collected samples on our behalf. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all participating dairy farmers and veterinarians: we could not have achieved what we have without your involvement!

The purpose of our research is to;

  1. Establish where in Victoria liver fluke is a problem
  2. Optimize existing liver fluke control strategies
  3. Develop novel tools that will allow us to detect liver fluke infective cysts in pasture and water

We hope that by achieving these aims we can reduce the liver fluke burden in cattle, reducing drench use, improve animal welfare, and improve farm profitability.

Throughout 2017 we will be regularly sharing our research findings, and other helpful resources on this blog.